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What makes membrane switch good market


Membrane switch is a flexible polycarbonate or polyester film printed with conductive paste printed contact circuit switch is a contact switch, its characteristics as below:

(1) Sealing performance

As the membrane switch is the overall structure of the seal, the switch contacts from harmful gas erosion, not easy to oxidation, with waterproof and dustproof characteristics, which is more suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

(2) Colorful and beautiful appearance

Membrane switch can be designed according to the user’s idea, in the design of the color pattern reflects the personality, in the decorative effect reflects the material beauty, decorative beauty, craftsmanship of the integrated features.

(3) Small size, light weight and reliable structure

Membrane switch in the design can be combined into a thin-film keyboard, and its set density, and it is a combination of multi-layer film seal structure, the connection between all the switches and leads are screen printing one-time , The total thickness of 1 ~ 3mm, thus reducing the volume to reduce the quality and improve reliability.

(4) Reduce the supporting cost of mechanical and electrical products

Traditional mechanical switch, the installation need to be welded, or even with the fixed bracket, and the installation of membrane switch for the paste type, as long as the peeling off the adhesive tape, you can firmly paste in the machine surface, the lead out into the machine Post-circuit socket, the moment can be connected to the circuit, labor, material saving, reducing the cost of supporting the machine.

(5) Durability

Membrane switch life can generally more than one million times, the reason why such a long life is due to the action of the switch only by the elastic film of the vertical direction to achieve elasticity, although the elastic film after a million times peristalsis, The range of creep is only 0.1 ~ 0.3mm (both switch stroke), coupled with the rationality of material selection, far from reaching the yield limit of the film, so the film material can withstand more than one million times life without deformation ; On the other hand, the contacts of the switch are vertical contacts, the wear is very small, and the screen printing contacts can form a sufficient thickness, and silver paste contacts in the printed layer of conductive carbon, High wear-resistant, self-lubricating purposes, so the life of membrane switch than the mechanical contact switch to improve several times more.

Application: membrane switch is a non-trivial switch for switching power is less than 1W ah, the maximum operating voltage: 42V (DC) or 25V (DC), the maximum operating current is less than 100mA workplace, can be widely used in all computer, , Intelligent instruments, meters, memory functions of the electronic circuit in many fields.



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