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Membrane switch fit controlling


Regarding with metal dome membrane switch, what should be pay attention to about quality control of membrane switch fitting at customers end:

1.Membrane switch, especially the convex and shrapnel structure products, in the turnover, the use of the process should pay attention to protection, to avoid bending the product by force, so as not to cause the product keys and shrapnel stress deformation, resulting in poor product keys.

2.Product turnover Try to avoid confusion stacked, must not be pressed on the product of other items.

3.Tear up after the re-paste paste, the product bending force, easy to damage dome.

4.Press the product by hand directly will easy damage the product.

5.The product is not pressed in the horizontal plane or in the soft water level of compression, deformation of the product easily lead to damage to dome.

6.With metal dome membrane switch products, improper external force will cause the inside dome damage.



1.The product can’t be bended or pressed in the hand.

2.The product on the level of the hard surface or paste mounted on the chassis, only with your fingers press the button.

3.If the product with a metal dome paste the case, the fit bias, not fit in place, one-time not fit OK, the product re-opened to be re-lamination, damaged because of shrapnel can’t use this product paste machine shell.

4.If the dome damage, button force will become weak or no stretch during a long period of time even though you can’t feel it at short time.

5.Equipped with metal dome membrane switch can not be squeezed by external forces.



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