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How to use silicone baking ware?


The first use of silicone appliance is a bit worried about the baking time: these appliances will not be out in the oven, will not fade, no other side effects…… , then gradually used more, only to find their own worry is superfluous, looking at the colorful color and some lovely baking equipment, the mood to do baking even better!

Silicone appliances is a strong characteristic of flexibility, environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature and low temperature, long service life, but also a variety of colors, you can choose to. Silicone baking ware are mainly divided into three categories:

1. Mold categories: such as cake mold, baking pad;

2. Tools: such as scraper, silica gel shovel;

3.  Vessel class: such as silicone cup, silica gel basin.

That we use in the process of how to use and maintenance of your silicone appliances it?

1. Each time the use of silicone utensils before the first to confirm the silicone appliances clean and dry.

2. The need to put it into the oven baked silicone mold, such as silicone cup, to ensure that every small lattice mold are mounted on the material things, put all the dissatisfaction with the lattice, can be installed in the water box, not to die not installed on the material lattice dry roasted, this will reduce the service life of silicone rubber mold.

3. Silicone appliances are generally anti sticky, if you encounter no anti sticky appliances, can be baked in the silicone mold on the brush a thin layer of oil.

4. Silicone utensils can only be used in the oven, oven or microwave oven, remember not to contact the fire or electricity.

5. Silicone appliances for the first time and after each use, the use of hot water (diluted food cleaning agent) cleaning, can not be used with corrosive substances to clean silicone appliances.

6. After baking, put the silicone utensils and finished products together, put aside to cool.

7. Can not use sharp instruments and tools, can not be used with heavy pressure and vigorously pull appliances.

8. Silicone utensils are relatively easy to dust, so do not use silicone utensils, it is best placed in a cool clean cabinet or box.




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