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Silicone Rubber Products in Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd


Liquid hot forming process

Liquid hot forming process is a special processes according to customers requirements, is a attempt for liquid hot forming process. It can solve some product structure problem which solid state injection molding can not achieve. So there is a more choice to achieve the product technology.



UV PLUNGER product introduction

Features: UV bumps applied to all types of buttons, membrane switches, electronic products. Such as mobile phone keys, remote control buttons. The corresponding button position is fixed with a cylindrical bump, when the press the shrapnel switch, will not affect the feel of shrapnel bias, and can improve the height of the product, when the design space needs to be filled more ...


How to improve the appearance grade of silicone rubber products

For silicone rubber products exposed, the appearance is particularly important, if you do not do the special requirements of silicone rubber products, the surface is generally made out of sand they have special requirements, if the customer can, according to the actual needs of a polished mirror effect or drying on different lines, all can enhance the overall appearance and the...


Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd

Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and producing Membrane Switch, Nameplate, Flexible printed Circuit, Silicone Rubber keypads, other Silicone rubber products. The company has a 100,000-class printing workshop as well as a team of ten years experiences dealing with membrane switch design and production.we have already coopration with a lot of domestic...


Why can produce peculiar smell of silicone rubber products

With the constant improvement of silicone products process, making the silicone products is becoming more and more widely used in our daily life, but some businesses in purchasing silicone products to find some silicone products have a very pungent odor, then can produce “why smell? Safe?” And so on question?

Vulcanizing agent is a kind of promote a catalyst, silicone raw ...


How to repair the bad appearance of silicone rubber products

In the production of silicone products, the emergence of bad appearance products, has always been a silicone products factory comparison pay attention to things, because it is directly related to the factory’s profits, which affected the development of the enterprise,

Although some silicone products can work look bad, but if the silicone products is difficult to repair the...