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Membrane Switch in Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd


Why material layering and ink off

We receive an enquiry from Japan today, there are very serious quality problem happened of the membrane switch they get from their previous supplier. Picture as below:


It is obvious that the defects is the material layering and ink off.

We are regret to hear that, they didn’t choose the good partner supplier, but just looking for lower price.

What caused...


Metal wire drawing panel products

Metal drawing board

After stamping, edging, cleaning, drying and other processes and then screen printing inks of various colors, and then baked through the production of high-temperature panel, the appearance of this product is elegant and generous, durable environment can be worse in the operation, can be used in conjunction with silicone rubber, you can extend the life of...


DOME automatic machine

The machine is the key equipment for production of metal dome. through the vibration, sieve, diversion and other actions, make dome accurately into a regular pipe to be used to install a rule.




Automatic punching manipulator

We finish reclaim and stamping by manipulator, realize automatic punching. which can reduce the work of staff fatigue, improve precision, an employee can operate 2-3 units, a significant increase in production efficiency.




Membrane switch fit controlling

Regarding with metal dome membrane switch, what should be pay attention to about quality control of membrane switch fitting at customers end:

1.Membrane switch, especially the convex and shrapnel structure products, in the turnover, the use of the process should pay attention to protection, to avoid bending the product by force, so as not to cause the product keys and shrapnel...


What makes membrane switch good market

Membrane switch is a flexible polycarbonate or polyester film printed with conductive paste printed contact circuit switch is a contact switch, its characteristics as below:

(1) Sealing performance

As the membrane switch is the overall structure of the seal, the switch contacts from harmful gas erosion, not easy to oxidation, with waterproof and dustproof characteristics,...


Membrane switch inspection procedures

Peel strength test: peel strength of glue should not be less than 8N / 25mm. Check the size: the drawings did not note tolerance to allow the scope of the standard, the rest in line with the drawings Bubble detection: a high degree of equalization, the intensity of balance, plane type: 57 ~ 284g force, touch feeling: 170-397g force. Shape contrast: shape, conductor lines,...