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Flat convex

For part of membrane keypads’ pressing convex, “flat convex” may be used for production, this kind of product is suitable for the convex back line or low shrapnel height , demand of hand-feeling is high, the service life is longer than round convex keypads, appearance texture is stronger. A simple example is introduced as follows:


Applicated products: the convex...



LED lights combined with membrane switch

For the effect of the membrane switch’s panel,it can be produced by combining with LED lights and EL cold light tablets, LED lights are installed different colors which can be installed according to customer’s requirements, this product is widely used, a simple example is introduced as follows: membrane-switch c?The transparent effect of hole of light?as picture b? ...


Printing effect of the membrane switch’s panel

For the printing effect of the membrane switch’s panel,it can print all kinds of window color and a variety of color according to customer’s requirements. A simple example is introduced as follows:

The effect of window color(red, yellow, green, purple, etc.)


Effect of window color:Choose color according to customer’s requirements and place. Such as: some ...