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Reasons for the aging of silicone keypads products

The reasons for the aging of silicone rubber products very much, although the material performance is good, but a long time in the field of application of different burn-in time is different, such as high temperature aging phenomenon of local application relatively quickly, as long as a few years is not timely for cracks will appear in the manufacturing industry among the ...



Attentions of the quality requirements of the silicone rubber keypads production process

The big quality silicone keys is not broken, broken bad phenomenon in the daily application will have a certain probability, the reasons are many, silicone keypad defect occurs in miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber on the majority, of course, there will be a rupture of silicone keys in the production is bad. In addition, also known as: silicone keypad, silicone keypad,...


Membrane Switch with LED Production Process

1.Using the latest SMT lighting equipment, lamp efficiency up to 5000 / H, significantly reduce the occurrence of various adverse. 2.The automatic closure of plastic machine use, can automatically scan the position required sealant, glue using aerodynamic stability, significantly increasing the yield and efficiency of 3000 / H 3.Push pull resistance 4.Bending resistance ...



Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd

Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and producing Membrane Switch, Nameplate, Flexible printed Circuit, Silicone Rubber keypads, other Silicone rubber products. The company has a 100,000-class printing workshop as well as a team of ten years experiences dealing with membrane switch design and production.we have already coopration with a lot of domestic...


Why can produce peculiar smell of silicone rubber products

With the constant improvement of silicone products process, making the silicone products is becoming more and more widely used in our daily life, but some businesses in purchasing silicone products to find some silicone products have a very pungent odor, then can produce “why smell? Safe?” And so on question?

Vulcanizing agent is a kind of promote a catalyst, silicone raw ...


How to repair the bad appearance of silicone rubber products

In the production of silicone products, the emergence of bad appearance products, has always been a silicone products factory comparison pay attention to things, because it is directly related to the factory’s profits, which affected the development of the enterprise,

Although some silicone products can work look bad, but if the silicone products is difficult to repair the...


How the silicone products form characters in the surface

In the market, we often see the silicone products printed with characters, and the effect of light leak, now share how to realize the silicone products printed with characters. To implement the process of three characters, there are three types,for the screen printing process, laser carving process, glue process, each itself has advantages and disadvantages, so according to the...


Convex circle

For convex part of membrane switch’s panels, “convex circle” may be used for production, hand-feeling of keypads is comfortable, beautiful appearance, and can prolong the service life of the keys.A simple example is introduced as follows:


Applicated Products: a,on the keys’ back directly printed silver pulp, can be directly put on the PCB containing buttons.