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VOM detection methods and steps

1.1, the clean aluminum foil into the oven at 100 ? oven bake 1 hour;

1.2, the aluminum foil into the dryer, the cooling at room temperature to the aluminum foil weight stability;

1.3, accurately weighed aluminum foil disc and record the weight of M1;

1.4, take the silica gel sample about 10 grams and cut into about 1cm2 size into the aluminum foil plate;

1.5, the...



METAL DOME + FPC product introduction

Features: FPC + METAL DOME is used for key products which is applied in precision control of end user, the perfect combination of metal dome and FPC help customer facilitate it one stop and easy.

Products are introduced as follows:


Suitable for: control terminal buttons.

Advantages: shrapnel paragraph crisp, enhance the feel.

Applications: remote control, camera,...


Automatic punching manipulator

We finish reclaim and stamping by manipulator, realize automatic punching. which can reduce the work of staff fatigue, improve precision, an employee can operate 2-3 units, a significant increase in production efficiency.




Liquid hot forming process

Liquid hot forming process is a special processes according to customers requirements, is a attempt for liquid hot forming process. It can solve some product structure problem which solid state injection molding can not achieve. So there is a more choice to achieve the product technology.




How to deploy the hardness of silicone

In order to adjust the load of the keys, the hardness of the compound will often make some adjustments. The most commonly used silicone rubber compound hardness is usually 30 degrees, 50 degrees and 70 degrees of three, although only three kinds of hardness of the compound, but it can be deployed out of 30 degrees to 70 degrees between any kind of hardness. If you need to pVisit...


UV PLUNGER product introduction

Features: UV bumps applied to all types of buttons, membrane switches, electronic products. Such as mobile phone keys, remote control buttons. The corresponding button position is fixed with a cylindrical bump, when the press the shrapnel switch, will not affect the feel of shrapnel bias, and can improve the height of the product, when the design space needs to be filled more ...


Membrane switch fit controlling

Regarding with metal dome membrane switch, what should be pay attention to about quality control of membrane switch fitting at customers end:

1.Membrane switch, especially the convex and shrapnel structure products, in the turnover, the use of the process should pay attention to protection, to avoid bending the product by force, so as not to cause the product keys and shrapnel...


What makes membrane switch good market

Membrane switch is a flexible polycarbonate or polyester film printed with conductive paste printed contact circuit switch is a contact switch, its characteristics as below:

(1) Sealing performance

As the membrane switch is the overall structure of the seal, the switch contacts from harmful gas erosion, not easy to oxidation, with waterproof and dustproof characteristics,...